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Best farms and restaurants to visit in Granby, CT

Best farms and restaurants to visit in Granby, CT

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The state of Connecticut is often overlooked in New England as a holiday destination. As our AirBnB host stated upon our arrival, this place is a “hidden gem” that only the locals know about.

As someone who loves food and eating (sometimes a little too much), Granby CT is heaven.

Eating options here are endless – there are so many farm to table restaurants and family owned businesses that you can visit!

Some of our favourite restaurants and farms we got to visit in Granby include:

Bushy Hill Orchard

New England.. Apple Picking… Fall..

Need I say more??

Bushy Hill Orchard has an extensive array of apples (I honestly didn’t even realise there were that many types of apples!) which makes choosing which apples to pick a fun activity.

After paying for your bag, you get driven out on a waggon. Here, the trees are lower to the ground (unlike traditional apple trees) which makes them easy to reach for children and shorties like me.

The orchard also has a shop and a farm to table menu (which is super DROOL WORTHY!). We had cider doughnuts made into french toast, drizzled with maple syrup and served with fried potatoes.

Cost: approx $10 – 15 pp

Best farms and restaurants Granby: Cider donuts french toast

Does this not make you hungry??

Lost Acres Orchard

Another option for apple picking, Lost Acres Orchard is slightly less busy. The porch here serves meals made fresh every day, straight from the farm.

You can also purchase frozen meals to take home with you – chicken cottage pies and homemade soup (butternut and apple soup!) These are good healthy meal options to take home with you when you don’t have time to cook.

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When visiting, also look out for their Apple Dumplings – slices of apple baked in puffed pastry with cinnamon and spices!

Cost: approx $10 pp

Best farms and restaurants Granby: Lost Acres Orchard

Lost Acres Orchard, Granby CT

Harvest Cafe & Bakery

Whilst not strictly in Granby, Harvest Cafe & Bakery is located  in Simsbury (a 10-minute drive from Granby).

Known to local residents as the best place in the area to have breakfast, they offer pages and pages of breakfast options to suit the entire family.

For the breakfast obsessed, the menu here can make it hard to choose. Do I order eggs?? Pancakes?? Waffles??

Cost: approx $10 – 15 pp

Best farms and restaurants Granby: Harvest Bakery

Harvest Bakery Granby CT

@ The Barn

One of the fancier restaurants in town, we visited on the recommendation of our AirBnB host. Though a lot pricier than some of the local eateries, they serve delicious steak and fresh New England seafood.

The drinks menu is also extensive – if you’re after a nice meal, this is a good option!

Cost: approx $30 – 50+ pp

Grass Roots Ice Cream

Freshly made ice cream – hells yeah!!

As some of you may know, I am lactose intolerant, but still, can’t pass up the chance to eat freshly made ice cream. The ice cream here is made without artificial additives and ingredients, and everything they use is organic!

This place was pretty busy for a cold fall day, and the flavours are endless. The ice cream is creamy and smooth – a definite must for ice cream fans!

Cost: depends on how much ice cream you eat!! Approx $3 – 7 pp

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The Garlic Farm

As its name implies, the garlic farm is known for garlic!

The food store here also sells a range of organic fruit and vegetables.

It’s worth checking out their website before you visit to make sure they’re still open (depending on the season they can close early in Fall) and checking what kind of produce they have on offer.

Sweet Pea Cheese

A dairy farm and a corn maze, you could check out the maze (only open on the weekends in fall) and then stock up on fresh milk and cheeses after. They have so many flavours of goat cheese here, the fridge is a bit like cheese heaven (cue drools!)

They also sell a selection of locally made jams and pickles, as well as yummy smelling soaps which are made from goats milk on the farm.

The shop also works on an honour system – there’s a small box with change, you pay for what you take and take change as needed. Definitely a different level of trust than what we’re used to in the city!

Best farms and restaurants Granby: Self serve box at Sweet Pea Farm

Self-serve box at Sweet Pea Farm, Granby CT

What did you guys think?

Have you been to Granby? Have I left anything out of my guide? Leave me a comment and let me know!!

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Best farms and restaurants Granby: apple picking

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