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Off the beaten path: Granby, CT

Off the beaten path: Granby, CT

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Like a selfish child, I want to keep this little place a secret to myself – Granby, Connecticut is better known to locals as a hidden gem.

This cute New English town is famous for family owned farms, farm to table eateries and beautiful quiet walks in the woods.

Here’s why you need to vacation in Granby, before the area becomes spoilt with loads of tourists:

  1. Farm-to-table cafes & family owned Granby farms 

As someone who dreams of food (I guess that’s why I drool when I sleep), Granby is HEAVEN on earth. The area has lots of family owned farms with “farm to table” type cafes. Vegetables and fruit are picked straight from the local farm and home cooked same day.

If you’re driving back home, you can even stock up on organic fruit and veggies to fill your fridge back at home with!

Want to know what the best farms are to visit? Check out my guide for the best farms and restaurants to visit in Granby, CT!



  1. Granby is apple picking heaven

I’ve never picked an apple in my life.

I’m not even kidding when it was difficult for me to contain my excitement as we sat on the back of a wagon and were driven to the Orchards.

Granby is where all local Connecticut residents come to pick their apples. The area has a range of apple picking options – from the taller trees, to the ones that are lower to the ground and perfect for small children and families (or even shorties like me!)

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  1. The best hiking and walking trails

I’m not going to sugar coat this. Walking is so much more satisfying after you’ve had a big tasty meal. It basically means you can eat more.

Granby has incredibly beautiful walks and hikes – from waterfalls to forests and state parks, you will never run out of walks here. Since this place is so hidden or only known about by locals, most of the walks are fairly empty, making for a beautiful romantic walk!

Visiting Granby soon? Check out my guide for the best walks in Granby!


  1. Granby is beautiful in fall autumn

I never knew how beautiful this time of year was until I moved to New England. I’m not lying when I say I got back from Conneticut and legit had 1,302,030,376 photos of trees and leaves on my phone. Here’s why:


No words necessary.




Have you ever found a hidden gem? Tell me about it!!

Are you planning a trip to Granby, Connecticut? Check out my guide to the best restaurants and farm-to-table eateries in Granby or my guide to the best walks in Granby!

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