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About Me The Wandering Suitcase

So who is behind The Wandering Suitcase?

Well, g’day there! My name is Mae-Gene (pronounced “May” “Jean”), but you can call me MG!

I’m a sushi-obsessed traveler, who walks around with a camera glued to my face (sad, but true).

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia where I spent most of my childhood traveling to South East Asia to visit my extended family. The constant road trips and flights overseas as a child cultivated my love of travel. I spent most of my young adult life dreaming of exploring countries beyond my little corner of the world!

I spent years working in the corporate world until I realized that something was missing and moved overseas. I now live in a tiny apartment in Boston with my equally nerdy husband, pursuing my true love: travel and writing.


What is The Wandering Suitcase?

The Wandering Suitcase is about inspiring and helping others travel the world on a budget. As a travel lover, I consume travel-related content as often as I eat chocolate chip cookies (which is a lot – trust me!!)

I’ve had a long-term love affair with Japan (shhh don’t tell my husband!) and here you’ll find bucket-loads of advice and tips for visiting Japan. I recently spent 3 months living in Tokyo, and before that spent many vacations visiting this complex but exciting country!

I love to share practical budget advice for everywhere I visit. Over the past year, I have fallen in love with destinations such as Scotland, Florida, and Boston so you’ll also find practical advice for traveling beyond Japan.




Where are you heading to next?

I’ve had a crazy 2017, filled with trips to Scotland, Israel, Canada and Japan (where I spent 3 months living!) My recent 3-month stay in Japan re-ignited my love for Japan and you’ll start to see more Japan content on the blog.

As to where I’m heading to next? I’m hoping to fit in another visit to Florida (this time Orlando!), see more of Canada and of course, explore more of the USA.

I’m always taking photos (sometimes too many!) so if you’d like to follow my travels, follow me on Instagram: @thewanderingsuitcase

Naoshima Island

Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email me: hello@thewanderingsuitcase.com


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  2. March 24, 2018 / 1:38 am

    Can you type an article about what were some of the things that surprised you while living in the United States? Also, what were some of the things you did not like about the U.S.?

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