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About Me The Wandering Suitcase

Hey there!

The world works in weird and wondrous ways, and somehow you’ve stumbled across my small corner of the internet.

*waves* hellooooo!!

Think of this as me welcoming you to my (virtual) home 🙂

My name is Mae-Gene (pronounced “May” “Jean”), but you can call me MG!

I’m an adventurer who’s obsessed with sushi, photography + spending time in the outdoors (but maybe not *too* much time, because I have a massive fear of insects + spiders!)


A bit about my travel-lovin’ journey… 

I grew up in Australia as the daughter of Malaysian-Chinese migrants, and despite my ethnicity + background making me sound worldly, I lived a pretty sheltered life.

I grew up with the expectations that I would graduate, get a degree (hopefully in law, medicine, pharmacy or something equally as “prestigious” or “safe”), get a job and have kids.

But these expectations never stopped me from dreaming about seeing more of this amazing world.

12-year-old MG had dreams of traveling to Egypt to see the pyramids + learn about the wonders of the ancient world.

12-year-old MG had dreams of seeing snow (a rarity in Australia!) in Lapland with the fluttering of the Northern Lights across the night’s sky.

And 12-year-old MG had dreams of backpacking South East Asia to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

But something happened when I grew up to be a responsible adult…

I made decisions that were expected of me.

I graduated with a degree in Engineering and took up a corporate job in finance (yeah, weird combo guys – maybe I’ll share this story one day!)

But in my first year of full-time work, I took annual leave + traveled to Europe…

And let’s just say my love of travel was ignited.

Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to see more, experience more and know more about the world.

And that’s when this blog was born!

Sunrise at the Everglades National Park, Florida


Despite being a travel blogger… 

I’m incredibly awkward, kind-of-weird and tend to be a bit of a worrier (and by a bit, I really mean I’m a HUGE worrier).

The photos might look glam, but there’s bound to be an awkward travel story, some tears or non-perfect experience behind it all.

What can I say?

Travel isn’t always perfect!

So while I love writing practical guides, I also love sharing the behind-the-scenes stories.

Because I’m not perfect (let’s be honest here, I’m a scared mess half the time who has no idea what they’re doing!)

So here you’ll see (or read) about it all – the good, the bad and the ugly (tears) too!


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  2. March 24, 2018 / 1:38 am

    Can you type an article about what were some of the things that surprised you while living in the United States? Also, what were some of the things you did not like about the U.S.?

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