The Wandering Suitcase update: May 2017

The Wandering Suitcase update: May 2017

My dear friends, words cannot explain how bloody insane May has been.

For full disclosure and to keep things super honest, I have been swinging between the depths of despair (not even exaggerating) and massive amounts of travel-lovin’ happiness (also not exaggerating).

How could my month have been so extreme, you ask?

(you are probs also like WTF girl, you sound insane)

(maybe I am??)

Well, my friends, I’ve spent this month…

1. Lovin’ Scotland: see here for the love I hold for this beautiful part of the world

What’s not to love about Scotland?



Hairy Coos?


The best hiking trails in the world?

Most definitely CHECK!

We fell in love with Glasgow – make sure to check out our guide to visiting Glasgow on a budget and guide of free things to do.

And while we were in Scotland, also road tripped through the Isle of Skye, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Check out our suggestions for 7 must see locations on the Isle of Skye to get inspired for this magical Isle.

2. Dealing with one of the downsides of living overseas – being hours and hours away from a sick family member 

Living overseas away from family is definitely an exciting experience – you learn so much about the world and about yourself. This has been something I’ve dreamed about ever since I was a little girl.

While there are downsides to this, it’s still something that I have 100% loved and enjoyed every moment of. Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing one of the downsides of this experience. It’s something I’ve slowly begun to accept and work around – while not an ideal situation, I think it’s something I will have to learn to work with.

Are you living away from home or family? You can read about some of my thoughts on the pain that comes from being away when your family members are sick and unwell.


3. Falling in love with Boston again

Just when I thought I was getting sick and bored of my new home, I started exploring this New England city again. For those planning weekend trips or wanting to see more of Boston, I’ve put together a guide for 10 free things to do in Boston.

Free things to do in Boston - Harvard Arnold Arboretum

Where does this month leave me?

Completely and utterly confused… 

I’ve been away from home for 8 months (gosh, it’s nearly been a year!)

And while I have settled into a bit of a rhythm and have come to really fall in love with Boston (unlike when I first moved here and that time I cried in a restaurant) there is a hint of regret that comes from being so far from family. There’s definitely an element of living overseas that I hadn’t considered before.

I’m definitely torn between my love of seeing the world, and missing out on family time – and I don’t mean the ability to stay in touch with those you love. I mean, being there when your family is sick or helping out when they need you.

Until they invent teleportation as a legit means of transport, this is an element of the life I’ve chosen that I will have to come to grips with.

Too bad I’m too muggle to apparate AKA harry-potter-style.

(still waiting on that letter from Hogwarts)

24hrs in Glasgow

So, what’s up in April?

I am SO PUMPED for this coming month!

I’m traveling to Israel and will be spending some time in Tel Aviv, before heading to Japan for 2 months. That’s right, TWO MONTHS.

Being the complete basket case that I am, I have nothing planned yet for Japan, but needless to say, you will be seeing a lot more:

  • Matcha
  • Ramen
  • Sushi
  • Soba noodles
  • Mochi (Japanese sweets)


All around fattiness involving lots and lots of food (that’s if, my body doesn’t give way first)

I’m definitely lookin’ forward to sharing my adventures with you!

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