So who is behind The Wandering Suitcase?

My name is Mae-Gene (pronounced “May” “Jean”), but call me MG!

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia where I spent most of my childhood travelling surrounding Melbourne. When I wasn’t going on road trips through Victoria, I was travelling to South East Asia to visit my extended family.

The constant road trips and flights overseas as a child cultivated my love of travel. I spent most of my young adult life dreaming of exploring countries beyond my little corner of the world.

After graduating with a Degree in Chemical Engineering (yes, major nerd alert here!!) I worked in Finance for three years, before realising a corporate career was not something I wanted to pursue. I now live in a tiny apartment in Boston with my equally nerdy husband, pursuing my true love: travel and writing.

What is The Wandering Suitcase?

The Wandering Suitcase is a blog dedicated to travel for the every day.

You’re probably wondering… What on earth does that mean???

As a travel lover, I consume travel related content as often as I eat chocolate chip cookies (which is a lot – trust me!!)

I was sick of seeing travel inspiration only for people with fat wallets, or those who had high paying jobs.

When I was working in my corporate career, I loved to travel, but I couldn’t afford to spend my fortnightly pay on luxury resorts or hotels! At the same time, I didn’t want to spend my holidays sleeping in dorms (not that there is anything wrong with staying in hostels!)

The Wandering Suitcase caters to the regular traveller – wedged in between luxury and full blown budget traveller.

I hope to inspire my readers to see more of the world and prove that travel is accessible – you don’t need to be someone with a huge trust fund or loads of $$ to see more of our beautiful world.

Here on my blog, you’ll find friendly, useful and honest content.

Where are you heading to next?

I’ve got a big 2017 lined up! This year I’ve got trips planned for Scotland, Israel and Japan lined up.

After our successful Miami travel series, I’m also hoping to bring you more USA content. I’m hoping to see more of New England and Southern USA – North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas.

I’m always taking photos (sometimes too many!) so if you’d like to follow my travels, follow me on Instagram: @thewanderingsuitcase

Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email me: hello@thewanderingsuitcase.com

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